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Car Remotes

When You Need New Remotes, Call Us and We’ll Come To You

When you need an extra remote, key fob, or set of remote head keys for your late-model car, truck, or van, call us here at Pro-Keys. We’re proud to provide drivers in Woodbridge and Manassas, VA with a fast, cost-effective source for OEM-quality car remotes. We also sell and program remotes for aftermarket car accessories including alarm systems and starters.

Signs It’s Time for a New Car Remote

a remote head key blank being programmed

If your remoted head key is damaged beyond repair, we can cut and program a new one for your on the spot in our locksmith van.

Although today’s car remotes are designed to deliver years of trouble-free service, like all parts on your car your remote can wear out or break down. If you’ve noticed any of these issues, it’s time to think about getting a new car remote before you wind up stuck without a working remote for your vehicle:

  • You have to use a lot of force when depressing the buttons on your remote
  • You need to rattle or tap your remote on a hard surface to get it to respond
  • One or more buttons on the remote no longer work at all
  • You can no longer lock or unlock your car doors with your remote
  • You find you have to stand right next to your car to get your remote to respond
  • You’ve dropped your car remote in the water, and now it doesn’t work properly

Affordable, OEM-Quality Replacement Car Remotes In Northern Virginia, DC, and MD

If you’ve priced out a car remote at your local automobile dealership lately, you know that a replacement remote or remote head key can cost hundreds of dollars – and that’s just for the remote. When you add in the extra fees for programming your new remote it’s easy to see why many drivers opt out of buying a spare remote when they purchase a new car these days.

At Pro-Keys, we sell OEM-quality car remotes at a price that’s significantly lower than what your dealership likely charges, and we always take the time to program your new remote to your vehicle. If your remote is integrated with your laser-cut key, we have the specialized equipment and skills it takes to do the key cutting for you as well.

Whether you need an extra remote because there are multiple drivers in your household, you want a spare remote to keep at work, or you appreciate the peace of mind that comes with always having a backup car remote on hand, we make buying an extra remote simple and stress-free.

Your Local Woodbridge & Manassas, VA Car Remote Experts

When you need high-quality car remotes that are guaranteed to work with your vehicle at a price that’s lower than what you’ll pay at a dealership, call us here at Pro-Keys. We’re your local, fully licensed, and insured automotive locksmith experts in Woodbridge and Manassas, VA, and we take pride in providing you with great customer service and quality products.

Automotive and Motorcycle Locksmith Services We Provide

This is not an exhaustive list, so if you need a service that’s not shown here please give us a call. We’re happy to answer all your questions and can give you a free quote!

  • 24-hour emergency lock-out service
  • Broken keys extracted & replaced
  • Cargo van high-security locks
  • Door lock repairs & replacements
  • Fleet vehicle keying services
  • Remotes sold, replaced & programmed
  • Transponder keys sold & programmed
  • Work truck high-security locks
  • High security, torch & tool resistant chains & padlocks for motorcycles
  • Ignition repairs & replacements
  • Motorcycle disk lock removal
  • Motorcycle gas cap repairs & replacements
  • Motorcycle ignition repairs & replacements
  • Motorcycle lost key replacement

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